Spring Training Ends, Season Begins!

Spring Training has come to an end for the Phils in Clearwater FL. The team, and many fans have returned home and are now looking forward to opening day!

The Phils will have their own Home Opener at Citizen’s Bank Park on Monday, April 9th against the Miami Marlins. I have a feeling my boys won’t let the City of Brotherly Love down.

Even with the ups and downs that came with Spring Training this year, and not to mention the multiple injuries, the Phils still look strong. A number of key players such as Chase Utley and Ryan Howard won’t be quite ready for opening day, but will return shortly into the season.

Many think the Phils may have a rough start but that isn’t stopping fans from supporting them. The home opener has already sold out and fans are buying tickets for every game they can get their hand on that fits their schedules. 


I also found this article from a fan’s point of view the other day while poking around on the philliesnations site.


I was really excited when I found this article and that it was written by a member of WMMR in Philadelphia. It’s one of my favorite stations and I am glad they sent someone down there to cover our beloved team.

While the Phils gear up for opening day and play some exhibition games, I’ll be counting down the days until I get to watch every game back home on t.v. and attend a few this summer!


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